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Safety of our workers is our top priority This is why have have safety regulations in place. Following these rules ensures that everyday work does not constitute a threat to our life and health.
  1. Every person entering their workplace is required to read the safety regulations.
  2. All basic personal safety measures: hard hats, visibility vests, goggles etc. must be work while carrying out duties assigned to each person.
  3. Every worker must undergo medical tests confirming the ability to perform the duties assigned to them, as well as all applicable health and safety seminars.
  4. Before performing their tasks, a worker reads health and safety regulations relevant to his post and equipment.
  5. All machine operation is to be performed with maximum focus and reasonably - when noticing any irregularity in the operation of the machine, the worker is obliged to abort, switch the machine off and notify their supervisor.
  6. It is prohibited to remove covers and other security devices in rotating and mobile machinery.
  7. Any repairs concerning switchboards or replacing fuses as well as any maintenance and repair done on electrical equipment may only take place under the supervision of and be carried out by staff having appropriate permissions.
  8. Workers are obliged to move around the workplace carefully, using designated paths.
  9. Transport within the workplace is to be carried out in accordance to relevant regulations using appropriate equipment.
  10. It is forbidden to consume alcohol and other abusive substances on site, as well as to work under the influence of them.
  11. All workers must follow all the instructions given to them in relation to health and safety.
FORK pays special attention to improving the health and safety of operation concerning all tasks entrusted by the Customers - by implementing comprehensive procedures ensuring minimal risks at any stage of work.